Solidarity for Peace and Integrated Development, An International NGO, humanitarian

What do we do?

The Solidarity for Peace and Integrated Development, SOPADI.
INGO SOPADI sharing your concerns, and fighting all the days for a better world in which every citizen, child or adult, going about on a daily basis to their work in a climate of peace, good governance and peaceful coexistence.


Initiate projects and programs of protection psychosocial wellbeing of children who are victims of conflicts and disasters, various, ...

Food security

Contribute to the access to food for the families of the victims of trafficking in persons


Support to the education system, so that the children as victims of war to be able to enjoy their fundamental rights and build a better future both for themselves and their community.


Capacity building of the staff of the health on the overall management of victims of trafficking in persons.


Ensure access to water and sanitation is necessary for the survival and the socio-economic development in schools and in communities.