The Solidarity for Peace and Integrated Development - SOPADI.

INGO SOPADI sharing your concerns, and fighting every day for a better world in which every citizen, child or adult, going about on a daily basis to their work in a climate of peace, good governance and peaceful coexistence.

It was created in 2007 in Burundi and the central African republic it works under the authorization n°0264/19/MEPC/DIRECAB/SPONG/UCDP of 17 October 2019.
The NGO SOPADI account, RCA, 37 persons, including 4 expatriate personnel and 33 local staff.


Carry out actions for the consolidation of Peace and Sustainable Development in the country of intervention by implementing emergency activities for people affected by conflicts, the social and economic reintegration of repatriated, displaced and returned persons to restore their dignity and hope to life in families. Emphasize food security, the basis of sustainable development in various African countries.

In countries in conflict, our mission is above all centered on the search for peace by developing emergency activities to help the victims of conflicts, especially children and women, to subsist while asking the perpetrators to promote dialogue rather than to highlight the war.

Our core values

Integrity – Professionalism – Respect for diversity and Gender.