Campaign 16 days of activism to Paoua account SOPADI

Each year, during the period from 25 November to 10 December, every country in the world in collaboration with international and national actors lead to intense activities of prevention and response of gender-based violence. In the sub-prefecture of PAOUA, OUHAM-PENDE, central African Republic, the NGO SOPADI has conducted a series of activities since the launch of the campaign until the end of the December 10, 2021.

She has led through his staff, and the community activists activities and awareness raising on violence against women and its consequences. Motivated and engaged in the transformation of socio cultures that are harmful to the development of women, 60 activists and 9 staffs in-t-shirt orange took part in the ceremonies of the official launch of this campaign. After the stirring speeches on the violations observed in the sub-prefecture of PAOUA spoken by the different actors in a recurring the representative of women and of the UNHCR, SOPADI has seized the opportunity to speak with the activists on the planning during this campaign.

The activists have demonstrated creativity and dynamism that are valuable in the achievements of interactive theaters through exchanges between the members of the community. 950 people, including 400 women, 255 men, 145 girls and 150 boys, aged 15 to 25 years participated in this campaign through the community theatres and traditional dances. 4 meetings of discussions with community leaders and religious to the number of 120 participants, including 75 men and 45 women on behavior change. The performance of the approach FADESO on the power imbalance between the man and the woman led to a discussion about the opportunities very limited for women.

A woman representative of an association of the women of Beboura testified : " the lack of or very limited access of women to financial resources are an obstacle to the participation in decision-making. I would have liked me to be elected as head of the group, but given the lack of participation fee is required of 5000 fca, I will not be presenting myself in future elections. I ask the political authorities of Paoua to remove this condition to the place of women candidates to encourage our participation."