Closing the Education Project in the Prefecture of Basse Kotto

Despite the security situation of concern in the region Is South of the central African Republic, more particularly in the sub-prefectures of SATEMA and ZANGBA, SOPADI comes to close the project successfully around the activities of awareness on the right to education and back to school. This has been possible thanks to its strategy of recruiting the staff in the area of implementation of the project. This project, funded by the Humanitarian Fund RCA has been carried out in partnership with CORDAID. The testimonials of local authorities and beneficiaries have been very telling that to the success of the project.

The Prefect to be the acting Basse Kotto has said, and I quote : "the interventions of SOPADI in the Basse Kotto have been very beneficial in spite of the security situation remains tense in the sub-prefectures of SATEMA and NZANGBA, the parents, the authorities and local leaders have understood the importance of the education of the children following the awareness organized by SOPADI, evidenced by the flow of children to the path of the school. This is why we call on the Chief of Mission here not to close the office of MOBAYE even if the project comes to the end, he promised to make the case for SOPADI be funded and continued to work in the Basse Kotto", end of quote. And the Mayor of SATEMA did not return on the role that play SOPADI over the last six months of intervention in the area because, according to him, I quote : "had it Not been for the presence of SOPADI the armed conflict between the 2 ethnic groups present in SATEMA in February 2021, would continue.

However, following the pacification carried out by the team of SOPADI to the place of the 2 ethnic groups, the calm returned after two weeks and only the people who had crossed into the DRC quickly returned, the 2 ethnic groups coexist well today, " end of quote.

Ms. YAMONGBE Agnes, Master Parent ZANGBA said, and I quote : "SOPADI has awakened the consciences of parents to send their children to school, especially girls. I have seen children be multiplied by two after the awareness through the plays and games contest on the importance of education, and the back-to-school that SOPADI organized, thanks to the notebooks and pens distributed to parents, who have won in a contest, the children's school materials. We ask donors to support SOPADI that it continues to support education in our sub-prefecture ", end of quote.

These closing ceremonies were marked also by the distribution of 10 bikes to parents who have sent more children to school regularly and to the teachers parents who have distinguished themselves in the supervision of children. They were selected by the local administrative authorities, school authorities and local leaders of SATEMA (5) and ZANGBA (5).

SOPADI thank its partner CORDAID for collaboration for project design, implementation and project closure. His thanks also go to Fund Humanitarian RCA, which funded the project, and any person near or far, which has contributed to the success of this project.