Word of thanks to the staff and partners, for the year 2021

Dear Partners, Dear Colleagues,

At the end of the year 2021, I seized this opportunity to say THANK you for your cooperation, your determination and love for the people affected by crisis, violence, diseases (HIV, COVID-19, and others) and the hungry.

In fact, INGO Solidarity for Peace and Integrated Development, SOPADI by the acronym sharing your concerns, and fighting every day for a better world in which every citizen, child or adult, going about on a daily basis in his work in an atmosphere of peace, good governance and peaceful coexistence.

In the central African Republic, SOPADI began the year 2021 which is nearing its end with a goal to help the children and women affected by repetitive seizures, diseases, disasters, and the violence, particularly in the regions South and East and West. Thanks to the support of our partners, we have been able to accompany more than 5,000 children of primary school for their education through the distribution of educational material, the granting of CASH for the most vulnerable children, the training of Teachers Parents on the basic Pedagogy and distribution of kits, didactic these funds. This meager contribution would not have taken place had it not been for the financial support of the Humanitarian funds RCA we would like here to thank for their cooperation and professionalism that characterize his team.

Thanks to the financial support of the World Bank through the project SENI of the Ministry of Health and population, SOPADI-RCA has made of the activities of prise in charge of the pane GBV (Gender-Based Violence) to carry out the activities of prevention, awareness and support community to the West of the country. We will not fail to thank the Ministry of Health and population and the Ministry of Promotion of Gender equality, Protection of Women, the Family and the Child, as well as the Coordination of the project, SENI, for their collaboration throughout the year 2021.

In the context of COVID-19, the most vulnerable people have been supported for their recovery, including survivors of violence, and crisis of COVID-19 in the Central regions and the Capital, Bangui, with the financial support of MPTF (Mutlipartner Funds) through IOM and UNAIDS. I would like to thank them warmly for their collaboration.

In its objective of access in safety and dignity to the drinking water, INGO SOPADI-RCA had just put 3 water wells in the population moved from the site of Alindao, in the Prefecture of Basse-Kotto, thanks to the financial support of MINUSCA ; our sincere thanks for the confidence placed in our structure.

Finally, our gratitude also goes to all the staff of INGOS SOPADI-RCA, to all the people who, near or far, have contributed to the achievement of the expected results during the year 2021, despite the difficult context of the pandemic of COVID-19, including the local administrative authorities and the local leaders of our areas of intervention, and to all of those whose articles were not cited here, that they will find here the expression of our sentiments of deep gratitude.





Head of Mission