To fulfill its mission, the SOPADI develops the following general strategies :

1. Leadership

  • Serve as a model to others ;
  • Arm each of his team members the necessary assets to achieve the desired objectives ;
  • Establish and maintain relationships very diverse in order to understand the needs and supporters ;
  • Anticipate conflicts and try to resolve them amicably ;
  • Invest in change and progress ; not to be confined in the status quo ;
  • Etc.

2. Empowering / Capacity

  • To delegate, to make clear what is expected of its employees and give them the flexibility they needed ;
  • To encourage everyone to set challenging goals ;
  • Require that each one responds to the results obtained in its area of responsibility ;
  • Showing appreciation and reward the results and the effort ;
  • To involve everyone in the decision-making that concerns, etc

3. Managing Performance/the Performance in the Management

  • Delegate the powers, authority and jurisdiction required to subordinates ;
  • Accurately estimate the time and resources needed to accomplish a task and to take the best advantage of the skills ;
  • Follow the progress of the work under deadlines and goals ;
  • Etc...

4. Building trust

  • Create the ambience wanted everyone can express themselves and act without fear of retaliation ;
  • Lead consistently and predictably ;
  • Follow the progress of the work under deadlines and goals ;
  • To play the card of transparency ;
  • Trust in his colleagues and subordinates as well as the clients ;
  • To recognize the merit ;
  • Treat with righteousness sensitive information or confidential.

5. Judgement/Decision-Making/Decision-making

  • Discern the key elements in the complex situations and quickly go to the heart of the problem ;
  • Do not take decisions only after having measured the consequences to others and to the Organization ;
  • Do not propose lines of action or make recommendations that in full knowledge of the causes ;
  • Check the assumptions by comparing them to the fact, etc